Xiao Skin Allergy Support

Xiao Skin Allergy Support
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Product Description

An all natural herbal product to help support normal skin function. Dr. Shawn uses it in all of his itchy and allergic pets to help reduce the need for drugs like steroids and antihistamines. Combine with Olive Leaf Plus for pets with skin infections to support the immune system and normal skin function. Add Dr. Shawn's Herbal Itchy Relief Shampoo to cleanse itchy, inflamed, or infected skin, followed by Dr. Shawn's Herbal Ear Wash to keep ears clean and smelling fresh!

Contains gypsum, anemarrhena, burdock, rehmannia, and dong quai.

Customer Review....

"This product literally cleared up my dogs skin allergy problem. Her skin was a mess with lesions and pustules and nothing worked until we tried Dr Shawn's Xiao Feng Tang!!!! Easy to use and wonderful product for skin problems and allergies!!!!!" Wendy P.