Reason to shop from us!

Dr. Shawn's Naturals is committed to providing the best natural products for your pet. These products, designed and selected by holistic veterinarian Dr. Shawn Messonnier, are the same products used in his busy holistic veterinary practice every day. They have been used on thousands of pets with great success, and you too can use them with the same confidence for your pet.

These are the only natural pet products available which have been formulated by a holistic veterinarian, and have been shown to be CLINICALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE on thousands of dogs and cats, and which are labeled for frequent, even daily use. They do not contain any artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals, and are safe for pets, people, and the environment!

Why Buy Dr. Shawn's Naturals?

Pet Owners Love Our Products For The Following Reasons....

*Doctor Formulated (not made by a chemist)

*Shown to be clinically effective and safe in thousands of pets

*Only line of natural topical products formulated for frequent, even daily use!

*Only natural topical products containing tea tree oil formulated for use by cats and dogs

*Natural fresh smell… smells great! Pets (and people) love it

*Safer for the pet and the owner than chemical based products. No sulfates, DEA, TEA, parabens, alcohol, chemical pesticides, SLS, phosphates, detergents, or dyes, and the bottles do not contain BPA which can cause nerve and immune damage


*Safer for the environment than products that contain harsh or toxic chemicals

*Affordable…. Among the least expensive natural products for pets

*REPEAT customers save even more...we will email you a special discount code after your third purchase...regularly save on Dr. Shawn's Naturals!!!!

*Less skin irritation as the shampoos and ear drops contain no harsh, toxic, artificial ingredients that are often the cause of skin irritation or contact dermatitis in susceptible pets (and their owners)

*Easy to administer and use on pets-minimal wastage

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Totally natural. Totally unique. Totally great.

Dr. Shawn’s Naturals Pet Products