Dr. Shawns Herbal Scoot No More

Dr. Shawns Herbal Scoot No More
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Product Description

Dr. Shawn's Herbal Scoot No More supplement powder helps support healthy anal sac and gland function by increasing the daily fiber intake your pet receives. The fiber in Scoot No More gently supports normal GI function, and most pets have improved anal sac function.

Many dogs and cats get impacted anal sacs. This means the pet needs to come in for a veterinary visit every 2-4 weeks in order to have the doctor manually express the anal sacs. It’s not the most pleasant job for the vet or the poor pet! However, most of the pets who use Dr. Shawn’s Herbal Scoot No More rarely come in for anal sac issues, saving their owners the cost of multiple veterinary visits and relieving the pet of an uncomfortable procedure. The product is also great for dogs and cats which need extra fiber, such as those with constipation or inflammatory bowel disease. Most pets enjoy the flavor, making it easy to administer!

Dr. Shawn’s Herbal Scoot No More is also great for hairball control too, and greater acceptance by both dogs and cats than the commonly used artificially-flavored "laxative" products loaded with chemicals and artificial flavorings and sugars!

Contains FOUR different fiber sources to support the pet's GI tract.

Customer comments…

“No more trips to the vet to have Shasta’s anal sacs squeezed. She thanks you!” Bob, Houston Tx

“Great product for my cat Minnie’s constipation and megacolon. She loves the taste and it’s easy to give her both the Scoot No More and the Enzymes and Probiotics-I just mix it right in with her food.” Sheila, League City Tx

“The Scoot No More has been a great supplement to add to my dog’s diet to help with her IBD. Thanks for a great product.” Scott, New York NY

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