5 Tips for a Healthy Immune System

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To keep your pet healthy, itís important to support its immune system. Here are 5 easy things you can do to achieve that goal.

Step 1-Minimize vaccines

When the immune system responds appropriately, the proper use of vaccinations can help prevent diseases. However, when pets are over-vaccinated, the risk of an inappropriate immune response increases, posing danger to the pet. Inappropriate immune responses can cause immediate allergic reactions or chronic problems such as autoimmune disorders and even cancer. A simple and inexpensive blood antibody test called a titer can determine if and when your pet may require a vaccine after completing the first adult booster vaccination visit. Pets with serious and chronic immune disorders should never be vaccinated following diagnosis or they risk coming out of remission from their diseases.

Step 2-Minimize chemicals and medications

Overuse and misuse of chemicals and conventional medications can harm the petís body in numerous ways, including causing adverse effects on the petís immune system. The only way to begin helping our pets heal from disease and stay healthy is if you seek personalized medicine which only prescribes those therapies that the pet actually needs and from which it may receive some noticeable benefit.

Step 3-Feed a great diet

No matter what else you do to keep your pet healthy, feeding a great diet is critical, and itís the one thing you totally control. Many pet foods are, in my opinion, full of ingredients that may not be the most healthy for your petís immune system. Animal and plant by-products, which typically are scrap from the food processing industry, provide little if any positive health benefits and may actually be harmful to your pet. Added chemicals, flavorings, and colorings have no specific health benefits and may harm your petís DNA through oxidative damage, resulting in various immune problems such as cancers. My recommendation is to feed a great natural diet, either homemade or purchased from a reputable company which specializes in healthy natural foods. Your pet will love them and his immune system will thank you.

Step 4-Exercise Your Pet

As with people, a sensible pet exercise program is important for many reasons. First, exercise increases the bond between you and your pet. Second, exercise keeps the musculoskeletal system in great shape and mimics the natural activities your petís wild relatives experience every day. Third, regular exercise keeps the cardiovascular system in shape. Finally, regular exercise enhances well-being and strengthens the immune system.

Step 5-Supplement Your Pet

Pets and people can help attain maximal immune system function when supplements are used. In general, pets and people tend to live longer and feel better, even when they have serious problems like cancer. Both sick and healthy pets and people can benefit as supplementation usually helps most of us live longer and reduce visits to the doctor due to illness.

Supplements such as Dr. Shawnís Olive Leaf Plus, CI Support, and Healthy Qi are helpful anytime a pet is ill. Olive Leaf Plus is a great supplement to help support the immune system and blood vessels of healthy pets.

So there you have it-Five easy and inexpensive steps to keeping your pet healthy and happy. By making just a tiny effort these 5 steps will go a long way to helping your pet extend its life and reduce illness.